Surely unique, contemprorary, and the most integrated social advertisement platform in the planet, and coming from Saudi Arabia!

EJHAR Platform

The first Arabic social platform that provides advertising, & sales/marketing assistance services by cooperative individuals in an innovative and unpresented way. We strive in Ejhar to give marketing/advertisement/sales assistance solutions to our valued customers.


We offer part-time sales people, marketers, and promoters (human resources) to our clients (upon request) for seasonal jobs and temporary assignments.


Ejhar gives clients the ability to nominate appropriate individuals for marketing activities,enabling you to target clients precisely through the filtration features available.

Ads Rental Spaces

The platform gives you the ability to rent out your spaces in your buildings, and private shops, and also allows you to rent out any kind of space you are authorised to utilize.


The platform gives the ability to any person to offer modeling services such as face, fashion, fitness, and many more!

What is EJHAR platform?

The first Arabic social platform that provides advertising services by cooperative advertisers in an innovative and unpresented method.

The platform provides the most convenient opportunity to work part-time. Working part-time is possible. Also, working part-time from home as an influencer is quite possible.

If you do own a space in any place, whether it is big or small, indoors or outdoors, Parking Lot, or wall space. You can make that space work for you, and gain extra income.

Modeling is no longer for an elite, it is for everyone, and you are getting paid for it! Any service you provide that relates to sales/marketing is indeed something you can offer through Ejhar.

We are proud that we are the only Arabic platform to provide this bundle services and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Ejhar

Complete reliability

Refund any amount paid through the platform when the customer is unsatisfied

Low Costs

Affordibility is something you decide. Ejhar is originally a low-cost solution and we are striving to make our agenda move forward.

Precisely identify customers

Determine where the impact of your advertisement will be. Moreover, determine who will impact/get impacted by your ads.

Extra Income

An opportunity for additional income, and from home!

Government Compliance

With EJHAR, you will not have to worry about VAT, or commercial liscenses, or the adherence to formal authorities.

Ejhar Features

Packages and Services

EJHAR offers you packages you can select from to reach the intended exposure. Choose your package, platform, and target audience and we will handle the rest!

Instant Booking

We know how valuable your time is, so we offer you an instant booking feature, along with normal booking.

The ability to identify your customers

Determine where the impact of your advertisement will be by searching the search engine for advertisers in your country, city, and the neighborhood in which you live. With EJHAR you will be able to advertise by advertisers who are residents of a specific area.

Referral and Discount Codes

EJHAR Platform offers you discount codes to save money with your purchases!

Ejhar Premium

With EJHAR Premium, you will enjoy No ads, Unlimited chats, Maps , Other countries visibility, and Getting featured.

Flexible Booking Procedure

Our booking procedure is extremely flexible, giving you the opportunity to negotiate to reach the optimal price and quality.

Global Scope

We are operating in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt,

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Our Team

Meet our Team

Ahmed Albaqshi

Founder & CEO

Fatima Albaqshi

Business Development Manager

Yousef Abu Qaoud

Outsourced Developer

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Ads Space

  • Publish multiple ads
  • Add space images and videos
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  • Extra income

Service Providor

  • Add your services
  • Publish your previous work
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